What’s a ritual? A set of systematized actions creating a symbolic community. This community, on this evening of July 15, could form thanks to the aptly named Jan Minuit who helped me to realize this ritual in a strange, completely isolated, place. In this location, which is a kind of small vertical world, I’ve seen the trees grow, and then be uprooted due to the storms. There I’ve learned to know people, gone since, and whose traces have slowly varnished.

This ritual consisted of a systematic exploration of sound potentialities from the location itself, aerial, hydrophonic, contact, magnetic sound potentials, etc… Trying this way to re-invoke the faded. The ritual unfolded at sundown during black night, going from a capture of diurnal to nocturnal, obscure energies.
Ritual on a barely recovering desolate land, ten years after, under a dead Sun. Everything still rustles after the death of the Sun. But for how long?